Review of Wen by Chaz Dean

skitch_email-4I’m not much on doing reviews, but in this case I have to make an exception. I’ve been wanting to try the Wen haircare system by Chaz Dean for over 6 months now, but it was out of my price range. I am most definitely, not the kind of girl that would spend around $50 on shampoo or conditioner. The most ever, I believe, was around $10. My auburn/brunette hair has natural wave to it, which in turn makes it a little coarse, with a tendency to get frizzy from time to time. I dye it every 6 to 8 months, but never use product in it at all. I do not curl or blow dry and haven’t in over 10 years. I’m a wash and air dry kind of girl. I very much wanted the soft shiny hair from the Wen infomercials but doubted it would ever happen.

This Christmas, I received a gift card with enough money that I could buy the Wen from QVC, and save myself from having to join the club and incur the recurring monthly shipments and payments. I jumped at the chance and ordered the Wen Sweet Almond Mint. I couldn’t wait to receive it and try it. It shipped quickly and I excitedly watched the tracking number. I had ordered it on the 31st and figured I would have it by the 4th of Jan, with as fast as they had shipped, ground shipping or not. The 4th came and went and the tracking number never wavered. It stayed on the “created shipping label” screen. I gave it another day, then broke down and called QVC. Their rep was polite, helpful and apologetic. Within minutes, he noted that though the label had been created, the order had never been picked up by UPS. He immediately rescheduled a pick up and upgraded me to 2 day shipping for free. It was to have the same tracking number and everything so I could keep an eye on it. I was very pleased with their customer service and told him so. Now to just wait.

My Wen delivery showed up today and to my surprise, there were 2 packages from QVC. I quickly opened them and was excited to find, not one bottle of the cleansing conditioner, but TWO! I was hesitant to be too happy at first, figuring I would be billed twice. I called QVC, and again was met with great customer service when to my pleasant surprise, he informed me that since the mistake had been theirs and that both shipments had gone out on the same day after my call, that I could just keep and enjoy both bottles! Merry Christmas to me! Kudo’s to QVC.

Within an hour, I jumped into the shower to try my highly anticipated non-shampoo experience. I don’t know if you have ever watched the Wen infomercials, but they use a heck of a lot of the product on their hair! According to instructions for my hair length, I was to use 32 pumps of the cleansing conditioner to clean my hair. I started out with 5 pumps in my hand and massaged it into my crown. Then I used 5 more on my nape, and each side, totaling 20 and it was more than enough. If I had used the suggested 32, I believe it would have just been wasted and sat there useless due to my hair being already fully saturated. I massaged for the full 3 minutes as recommended, and then let it sit in my hair while I washed everywhere else before rinsing it out. It felt great in my hair and the smell was a sweet sort of mint. Strong, but not overpowering. As I began rinsing and the water was running through my hair, my scalp started to tingle in a refreshing sort of way. I was amazed honestly, at how well it was rinsing out. I had been worried that it would leave my hair feeling like other conditioners do; with the film they usually leave behind. Not so with the Wen. I will state though, that I had more hair coming out on my fingers than was usual when I normally washed my hair. Enough actually, that it gave me pause for concern. I will have to use it for a while and see how that goes later on. I will update accordingly.

Once my hair dried, it certainly did feel softer, and much less weighed down per usual. It had a nice bounce to it and though it was shiny, it didn’t have the high gloss I had fantasized about. The mint smell still lingered, but in a clean, just washed sort of way. All in all, I am pleased with my purchase. If I continue to be, will remain to be seen. As it stands, QVC receives high points for customer service in my book. Wen by Chaz Dean.. well the jury is still out on that one, but so far it does what it claims to do.

Check back here in about 2 weeks and I will post an update.


It’s a little earlier than the 2 weeks I initially had set for an update, but I do not see what a few more days will do to my decision. After using the Wen, by Chaz Dean and no other product for the last 11 days, I have come to the conclusion that I absolutely love it! My hair has never felt softer. The coarseness and frizziness is all but gone. It lasts much longer between shampoos and the worry I had over losing excessive hair was misplaced. I’m not entirely sure why I seemed to lose so much the first use, but it has not happened since. In fact, I used to find loose strands of hair sticking to my clothing during the day, but it’s rare since starting to use the Wen cleansing conditioner. It’s also much easier to comb even after sleeping on it all night. It was definitely worth the purchase and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a change. I cannot speak as to whether it will be good for your hair type or not, but it certainly was for mine.


2 thoughts on “Review of Wen by Chaz Dean

  1. Thank you for posting this. I watch the commercials all the time and have read reviews. Most of the reviews make it seem complicated to use, as if the process is difficult especially the rinsing. Keep us updated, because I want to know how it goes further on. Then I might purchase, too!

    • You’re very welcome. It is not complicated at all. It takes a few extra minutes than regular shampoo does, but well worth the extra time. You simply run water over your hair when you enter the shower, rinsing it thoroughly before beginning to apply the cleansing conditioner. My hair hangs to my shoulders and I have found that for my hair type, 5 pumps of the product for each section is plenty. I start on the top of my head, then the back, then each side. Once my hair is saturated with the product, I run my fingers through, massaging as I go. I give it about 2 minutes of rubbing the product in and then I wash the rest of me before continuing with my hair. Rinsing it out is actually a lot easier than you would think with it being conditioner. I would say it takes another 2-3 minutes to rinse out and then I am done. I don’t even use the little bit for a leave in that they suggest but my hair is super easy to comb through after. I hope that helps a little. 🙂

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