Fear the Writer

I believe in paying it forward, and promoting other writers, and their work. This is a wonderful poem about writing, I felt I had to share. The poem is below, and includes link for credit to original author.

Fear The Writer

I don’t have a black belt
but I can kill a man
with my bare hands.
I could kill a hundred.
I could kill an army.
I could wipe out a nation.
I’ve murdered before
and I’ll spill blood again.
I’ll end all life on this planet
in my next story.

You think strength is muscle?
How about books that change the world?
Books that change the thinking of millions of people.
How about having such power you can invent a word
and have it become part of the lexicon?
How about rewriting the course of history?

Don’t fear the fighter,
fear the writer.

Headspace in Widescreen – Fear the Writer..


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