Time machine anyone?

You know those times when you look at some action you have taken or something you have written and think to yourself, what the hell was I thinking, because that was most certainly a mistake?

Well, I had that exact moment of clarity a few hours after I posted the blog post just before this one. I had gotten very little sleep the night before, and simply could not wrap my mind around a decent idea for a new posting. So I browsed the internet until I stumbled upon that audio challenge for discovering accents. It sounded fun at the time to my sleep challenged mind so I thought to myself, why not. It wasn’t too awful until the very end when somewhere out of my subconscious I heard myself uttering those last three words that doomed my fate, and the ridiculousness just before it; bedeep bedeep, that’s all folks. A small part of me knew I had entered the realm of “what the fuck” but I just couldn’t seem to stop myself.

I offer no defense nor apology, because I am, who I am. Whoever the hell that is. Does anyone have a time machine I can travel back with? I promise I will give it back. No really, I will. *facepalms*


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