Memory loss ahead..

Memory Loss

Something miraculous happened last night. Well, miraculous to me anyway. I discovered quite by accident that twitter had given me the capability to download my old tweet archives. This might not be a big deal to some, but the thought of being able to go back over things I had said and done over 3 years ago was exciting to me. As I sat there browsing through them, I thought to myself how wonderfully awesome it would be, if we could take moments of our real lives and archive them like that for later perusal. Reliving actual scenes and words spoken as though they were happening all over again.

All things tend to fade with the ravages of time and our memories are no exception to the rule. If we could somehow archive them, and store them in one area and then go back over them all at once at a later date, viewing them as though for the first time, it would be amazing. Imagine this if you will, it’s been ten+ years since your baby girl/boy was born. The memories of the event are still in your brain but due to the pain and excitement of the moment, some of them are hazy, or a bit fuzzy if you will. So you go to your “archive” and within a few moments you are right back there on that exact date looking at the actual words and actions of everyone around you during the entire experience.

Your graduation ceremony, your wedding, your child’s first words; all saved and with one click, downloadable for viewing. Sure, we have pictures and our memories of the day to help us along, but as anyone being honest with themselves can admit, remembering the actual conversations taking place around us fade away more and more the older we get. It’s just a sad, cruel fact of life. I for one say, if they ever find a way to for memories to be stored.. I will be the first person standing in line to sign up.

What about you?


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