I’ll keep pretending

I keep pretending,
Praying it will all be alright,
Knowing that it won’t,
Pushing through the best I can.

I crawl inside myself
Within my soul I’m screaming,
Reaching for an answer
Knowing I won’t find one.

I knew better than to trust you
My heart shoved my conscience aside
Can you hear my sounds of pain
My soul splinters within me.

My tears flow like rain
Puddles form all around
I cry out into the night
Shouting out my despair

You will be my downfall
The demon of my destruction
The purveyor of my pain
Burying me in endless sorrow.

But I’ll keep on pretending.


4 thoughts on “I’ll keep pretending

    • *hugs* Thank you. Unfortunately I did, throughout several failed relationships (romantic & otherwise). But we learn, grow and move forward. I think I am stronger now from them. A lot of my poems are darker like this.

  1. I wrote a poem titled Simple Observations…. one of the lines is as follows: “A heart cannot truly feel full and complete until it’s been broken” ~~ it describes the ying/yang of life… the polarities of living on this spinning ball we call Earth. It sounds like you are in touch with that emotion…. but without that pain, one can never grow. Keep your chin up… keep writing πŸ™‚

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