Lost in the Fray

Oh so stressed

             ready to cry

  darkness swallows me up

                  and I don’t know why.

A victim of my past

            sinking below the sway

  drowning in disillusion

                  just a crime scene lost in the fray.

Nothing I wouldn’t give

            to go back in time

  find what was lost

                 reclaim what was mine.

Lost in emotions

            too deep to tread

  feeling all jumbled up

                inside my head.

Who I am

            I wish I knew

  the closer I get

               the farther the truth.

I’m a mystery unsolved 

           and the answer lies hidden

  there is no reason or rhyme

              just happiness forbidden.


14 thoughts on “Lost in the Fray

  1. I feel this way sometimes too. Can’t say I am the biggest fan of the feeling but your poem captured it perfectly. I hope you’re not going through this right now and are just nostalgic. If not, I am thinking happy thoughts and sending them your way, hope it helps! 🙂

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