Your love was a lie filled with

broken promises and shattered dreams.

Torn between what could have been

and never really was.

Empty words behind a shallow soul

wielded like a sword of hate.

You led me down this path of pain

and I followed blindly in your wake.

Destined to walk always alone

left with perpetually bleeding wounds of

bottomless sorrow and boundless anger.

Condemned to a hell all my own

forever a prisoner of love because

              the darkness

                     always wins..


6 thoughts on “Condemned

    • Soul mates are great if you believe in them, which I no longer do. I believe in friendship and companionship and tolerating one another for hopefully a lifetime. If someone is lucky enough to find the “one” and something deeper and more meaningful with them, then god bless them for the miracle they are. ❀ xo

  1. I think we’ve all had our hearts ripped out, and thrown on the ground in a pool of blood. Good post… not every poem can be about rainbows and pretty clouds. You speak of reality. Good work.

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