Dragging me Down

Dragging me Down

You twist and pull at me
your little marionette
molding me as you see fit
watching as I perform for you

every fragile limb
bound intricately with knots
dancing to the tune you play
no hope for escape

I would repel you if I could
but love keeps me hitched
the ties that bind us
woven too tight to sever

am I but a mere object to you
deprived of my emotions
a lifeless figure, void of hope







6 thoughts on “Dragging me Down

  1. I am going to suppose that ‘Solitude’ and ‘Dragging me Down’ are twinned coincidentally – an alternative is to distressing for an impotent spectator to imagine. You have crafted a description of the subject that allows her to be ‘little’, ‘fragile’ and ‘mere’ in such a way that she could be a six foot Amazon and it would make no difference to how she feels at the hands of her tormentor. The sense of futility comes across perfectly and the denouement is sublimely formed. Very well done Phoebe.

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