An Open Letter To Apple

Dear Apple, and Steve Jobs wannabe, Tim Cook;

I am an Apple fangirl. I have been for several years now. There is no 12 step program for me and even if there was, I doubt I would make it through one meeting. Not having my Macbook Air would be akin to not breathing for me. I am addicted and I willingly admit it. I own an iPhone 4s, an older version iPad and my Air. Oh and also an older iPhone 3s that I still have hanging around in my delicates drawer. One day without one of my Apple products and I am dying for a fix. In light of my dedication, Apple, I would like to plead with you for the sake of my sanity, to please stop the refresh madness. You’re killing me over here. Just when I think I am happy with what I have, you come out with a new version. Seriously? I mean, you do this to me like every 9-12 months, if you even wait that long.

I’ve always known you were power and money hungry but damn. Step back, take a breather and realize that if you gave each new design a few years to marinate with us poor addicts you might convince us that upgrading is really a necessity. As it is, you do it so often that I am forced to stick with what I have because it’s simply not feasible to spend exorbitant amounts of money for nothing more than what I consider a minor change. Particularly when that change totes with it, a sacrifice on quality. Finicky wi-fi, crappy battery life, Siri issues and the ever growing complaints about the Apple Maps app in iPhone 5 have led to many running the other way. Even with all the problems, the iPhone 6 looms on the horizon.

The genuine innovator at Apple died over a year ago, and I am sorry to say this Mr. Cook, but you fall short of Steve Jobs’ genius in more ways than one. You are so busy trying to sue for patents and to stay on top of the game, that you are now failing to catch up to competing Android phone features. In light of all your greed and failure to deliver, Apple Mr. Cook, I have recently found myself hankering for the Samsung Galaxy S III, or Samsung Galaxy Note II, as of late.

You heard me right Apple.. your fangirl is considering defecting. Twelve step program, here I come. Can I bring my MB-Air with me?


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