Mutiny is Afoot

what a weary day
muscles sore beyond repair
youth where have you gone #haiku

The muscles in my thighs are setting up a mutiny against me and my arms and shoulders have joined the rebellion. I did something today that I have not done in years. What is that you may ask.. with your mind wandering into nefarious areas. Before you wander too far, and find yourself lost in dark corridors, I will set you free and tell you that I am referring to exercise. That much hated, and least desired of all activities.

I’ve never been one to do much working out. I found it boring and stressful. All those eyes on you, watching with.. curiosity? Pity perhaps? As you struggle from machine to machine, huffing and puffing your way into a sweat bath — swearing under your breath and turning red in the face — hair all askew, clothes clinging to your body in non flattering ways. As though that is not bad enough, there is the expense of paying for a monthly, if not yearly subscription fee, to something you may only use a few times. Talk about a waste. In this case though, I was recently given a three-year membership to a local gym. You heard me right.. given. Free. Abso-freaking-lutely free. It included a session with a personal trainer. When someone gives you something for free, that costs others several hundred dollars, you do not hesitate to show your gratitude and appreciation by utilizing the gift in question.

With that said, I spent over an hour using equipment that is akin to torture devices. No lie. They contorted my body in unseemly positions that had me grunting and groaning like a UFC fighter in full take down mode.


UFC (Photo credit:

As I sit here writing this, my body has been massaged with liquid heat and I am wrapped up in a snuggy after having downed several huge pain pills the size of small cats. I’m ready for more coach.. put me back in the game.

Who’s with me?!


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