Let’s Get Personal

There are times, when you are forced to stop and realize just how short life really is. That, unless you live every single moment of it, to its fullest, you just might wake up with regrets.. or not wake up at all.

It’s been a bad couple of days here in the “Phoebe world”. I started a new exercise program at the gym last Thursday and could barely move for a few days after. Then just when things started to get back to normal.. all hell seemed to break loose. I went back to the gym yesterday morning, because despite the soreness, I was not about to give up so early, but fate would have none of it. Thirty minutes into my program, I fell flat on my ass. Well, to be more precise, on my left knee. Seems as I was walking forward my ankle had other ideas and decided to bend sharply to the right, depositing me on my not so fit derriere. By mornings end, I had a sprained ankle and slightly bruised and swollen up knee, along with my very bruised pride. (my fall from grace had been witnessed by not one hot guy, but several) :/
isn’t that a pretty sight, all swollen like that lol

The day was not done with me yet, and I quickly learned that although my own problems seemed weighty, they were nothing in comparison to what I was about to experience. I logged into my Facebook and was shocked to discover that a very dear family member had gone into total kidney failure that morning while I was feeling sorry for myself. Despite the pain in my ankle and knee, I quickly made my way to the hospital and was met with a heartbreaking sight. This sweet woman, who has never been anything but kind to everyone around her, was a mess of tubes and totally unaware of her surroundings. Her body was shaking in what can only be described as little mini seizures, her eyes were rolled back into her head, and she had no idea anyone was even in the room, let alone who they were. The last I had seen of her on Saturday, she had been perfectly fine and out enjoying a good meal with her daughter. She is still in critical condition as of this posting. In one days time, she had gone from smiling and happy to hanging on for dear life.

Life. It fades out as quickly as it comes in and you just never know when your time might be up. A friend of mine, who thought he was funny, once told me something that all these years later I still remember even though I smacked him on the arm the night he recited it to me. “Don’t sweat the petty stuff — pet the sweaty stuff” Although he was a somewhat vulgar little shit, he was right. If we sit around feeling sorry for ourselves and refusing to live our lives to the very fullest ability, we just never know when it could be over as suddenly as it started. Live, love, laugh and be thankful for all that you have, and worry less about what you think you should have.


8 thoughts on “Let’s Get Personal

  1. Sending healing thoughts out to you and your friend. Life is fickle and can turn on a dime. Here’s hoping it turns up well for both of you.

  2. I had a similar experience last week with a good friend of mine. He is 36 and went to the hospital for heart problems. There is a hole in his heart, one that apparently has been there his entire life because it did not close after birth like they normally do (I don’t understand all the details). Anyway, with this hole in his heart his entire life, the physical stress of it finally caught up… he is having surgery next week to remove fluid which is collecting and to close the hole.

    But he’s 36 and strong. We went hiking in Colorado together. But now he is going to have heart surgery.

    So in a way I can identify with you. And I hope your friend gets better soon.

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