The Wicked Shall Perish

No, the title is not a bible quote, but rather a sentiment I truly believe in.

For the first time since I started this blog three months ago, I had no desire to make a post last night. The attack in Boston was weighing heavy on my heart and mind.

So much senseless violence and hatred has rocked our country as of late. The question on everyone’s mind I’m sure, is why? Isn’t there enough bad blood directed our way from Third World Countries, without us trying to hurt ourselves? So many innocent lives lost, and for what? What possible motive or purpose can there be for injuring and killing off bystanders at a marathon? I see no political agenda at a race where people are running. All I see is a horrific act committed by someone or multiple someones with nothing to gain but the pain and humiliation of their own people.

Photo credit: Google images

How many more innocent victims need pay with their lives or the lives of their families and friends, before this country wakes up and we come together to start mending all the damage we’ve done to ourselves and to others.

That is just my two cents.

My heartfelt, deepest condolences and thoughts go out to all those affected by yesterday’s terrorism.


10 thoughts on “The Wicked Shall Perish

  1. Thank you for sharing your two cents on this. It was a rough night. I almost didn’t put up a new post, either, but in the end, I thought I’d try to make people smile. I totally get your choice not to post, though…

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