One Day at a Time

There are bad days.. and then there are BAD days. Today falls in to the latter category for me.

You ever just wake up and know that it’s going to be “one of those days?” That was the exact start of my day. The minute my eyes opened when the alarm went off, I knew it was going to be a mistake to ever leave the safety and comfort of my blankets. It’s not as though that is actually a feasible option though, so up I came and regret became the theme of the day.

photo credit: Google images

Within ten minutes of leaving my house, I was pulled over by officer-not-so-friendly. I was too tired to have been speeding, there were no lights to run, all my lights/signals are in working order so I was more than a little surprised to see the flashing lights. As he approached my car on the passenger side, with his hand on his gun, it struck me how far this nation has fallen. When a 5’3″ woman with all the aggression of a puppy, has to be viewed as possible threat to a big, strapping, over 6 foot tall wide receiver type, we’ve hit rock bottom.

Needless to say, I was ticketed. I was in such a rush I had forgotten to put my seatbelt on. Well, let’s be honest.. I rarely wear it. I know, I know.. it’s a law – it’s for my own good – blah, blah blah. I get it. Really I do. The thing is, I don’t like wearing one. That may not be a very good idea, and could be a serious detriment to my safety in the event of an accident, but I still think it should be MY decision whether to wear it or not. If I am aware of the risks, and I do not have anyone in the car but me, therefore am not responsible for anyone’s else’s life other than my own, then shouldn’t the choice also be my own? Maybe I am just speaking out of frustration and anger over a $125 dollar ticket, but it is the way I feel. I always thought that officers had to have a “reason” to pull you over, such as speeding, running lights, broken tail lights etc, before they could ticket for the seatbelt, but apparently I am wrong or I was made the exception to the rule. Either way there goes my insurance rates, and I either pay the ticket or have my day in court. Neither of which is appealing.

You may think my bad day was over at this point.. but no.. it continued to drive the nails in my proverbial coffin with outstanding accuracy. Radiator sprung a leak in my car. Tire went bad and had to be replaced. At this point I was out more money than I made today. A lot more. I definitely would have been safer staying in bed. Though with my luck.. it would have popped its’ springs on me and I would’ve needed a whole new bed. lol 😛 It’s good to keep your sense of humor when things look bleak.

We all have days like mine.. I guess it’s the way we handle them that reveal our true character. What do you think?


29 thoughts on “One Day at a Time

  1. I wanted to add that I’m impressed that, despite being pulled over for the ticket, you still found time to take out your camera and snap that photo. Such dedication to your blog!

  2. I was actually relieved that you had not taken the picture of the cop in your rearview mirror 🙂 I’m 5’3 too and admit that the seatbelt is a drag, but it beats getting a busted nose (surgery costs) from even a fender-bender or worse. I have an SUV and the belt rides fine between my breasts, but not in sedans – they do have ways to adjust it if you look for them. Wear the seatbelt – we rather have you here than not!

    • It never even occurred to me to snap a photo of the officer as he pulled me over. lol I agree that SUVs seem to fit better – the smaller the car, the bigger the seatbelt problem. With the price of gas these days though, I stick to driving the smaller cars. I knew they had adjusters for heavyset people, but I was not aware of anything out there for short people that would make the seatbelt sit in a different spot on my shoulder rather than rubbing at my neck. I will have to look in to that, thank you. 🙂

  3. The first thing I was going to say was a compliment regarding taking that picture. It seems after reading that you did not take it? I was inspired at your composure. Did you or did you not? Also , I do not like wearing my seat belt either but I do because I have a beep that will NOT STOP and because I prefer not to be a human projectile if rear ended. I have a similar story to yours 3 weeks ago also involving my car but I will wait and let you take a deep breathe.

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