Harmonious Vents

Daily Prompt: Unleash Your Inner Dickinson

photo credit: Google images.

spilling my guts
for all to read
opening myself up
veins starting to bleed

who I really am
others only visualize
the faces I show
masked behind sad eyes

a glimpse into something
that cannot truly be perceived
a soul lost in torment
too deep to be believed

my poems offer solace
from pitiful laments
giving this poor heart
a harmonious vent.


18 thoughts on “Harmonious Vents

  1. Makes sense to me… forgive the analogy… but writing is a lot like ‘cutting’…. used to either ‘feel’ again after being so numb… or to ‘release’ pressure… either way… I think writing is a form of therapy.. of release that otherwise wouldn’t be expressed.

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  3. Beautiful. Evokes a feeling of a time past which was quite difficult, painful. Healing is the journey as is shining light on the darkness contained in the pain is. Lovely expression.

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