Tiddy Bear

A few days ago on the 25th, I had a not so pleasant day, that started out with me getting a no seatbelt ticket from my local law enforcement. I talked about it here: One Day at a Time

I’d like to state for the record that I am not against the seatbelt law, nor would I ever endanger anyones child that was in my car. I would insist on anyone under 18 wearing one. Beyond that, I believe in personal choice. I think that once we enter adult hood, we should have enough sense to think for ourselves and decide what is best for us. My personal choice is that due to my lack of height, I find seatbelts uncomfortable because they rub against my neck and shoulder leaving red/raw spots. I tend to not wear them all the time because of that very fact. BUT..

Since getting the ticket, the first ever I might add.. well for seatbelts anyway :D.. I have decided to wear them to avoid going bankrupt over the tickets, and thanks to a reader of mine, I am hoping they will now be more comfortable.

Dan Hoger, aka Phoenix Autumn, left a cute little infomercial as a comment on my post, about a product called the Tiddy Bear. Thanks Dan!

After I was done laughing my ass off at the name and its cute little innuendos, I actually ordered it! Within the next few days I will be the proud owner of not one, but two Tiddy Bears and if it does anything remotely like what it states, I will never avoid wearing my seatbelt again.. if only for the odd stares and giggles I will get when people see a cute little stuffed bear shoving its face into my lady bubbles!


6 thoughts on “Tiddy Bear

  1. Yay! I’m glad that something I posted was useful and might get you to start wearing your seatbelt. I hope that the little Tiddy Bear cheers you up. =) And thanks for the shout-out!

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