Suffer the Little Children

As I was heading out today, I saw a mom dropping her kid off at school. They hugged tightly and she sat, waiting patiently, much to the displeasure of the cars lined up behind her, all the while blowing kisses and waving with a warm smile, as her child approached the double doors and even after they had gone inside, for a few moments longer.

Photo Credit: Google images

Photo Credit: Google images

It got me to wondering.

The way things are today, with all the uncertainties, terrorism, and school bullies.. do parents cringe inside themselves, as they send their child off to school? Do they fear that schools can no longer keep their children safe?

Photo Credit: Google images

Photo Credit: Google images

Do they wonder and worry, if they will ever see them again? Does a mother’s heart, break every single time her child leaves the car, hoping and praying, not my child.. not this school?

Photo Credit: Google images

Photo Credit: Google images

In light of all the recent events, such as those poor, sweet children, at Sandy Hook being massacred in that elementary school, how does a parent feel, as their child heads off every morning, towards an uncertain future in a bleak and quickly failing world?

Please weigh in and share your thoughts with me. Inquiring minds want to know..


8 thoughts on “Suffer the Little Children

  1. Living in fear is the worst kinda living. I hope this isn’t the way parents think but I also hope we can enforce laws and ways of protecting those who are defenseless.

  2. One of the hardest things we ever do as parents is to put that little person on the bus for the first time. I died a little inside. It’s scary. It’s also sobering to realize that you are no longer the center of their universe. They will be taught and influenced by others besides you. My boys started school in 1995 and in 2000. I can’t imagine sending them out in today’s world. The world has become a much different place today. All you can do is pray and hope for the best.

  3. I think youve got a point here, I would understand it. I think for a parent the worry of ANYTHING happening to your child…that little person whom has taken over your life and whom you love with all your heart…i think it must factor in most days. Not to say you worry to the point of stopping them from living but a mothers love and their worries are probably always there to an extent regardless of world events so yes, terrible things happening would only heighten that worry i suppose xB

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