A Tisket, A Tasket, Rocks Bustin’ Out of My Basket

It’s been a zany week so far and shows no signs of changing anytime soon. It’s safe to consider me off my rocker and a candidate for meds. 😀

I haven’t been sleeping right lately, so I am sure that isn’t helping. Up till 3-4am, back up at 7 or 8am.. rinse and repeat. It’s enough to make anyone a little cookoo for cocoa puffs if you ask me. There isn’t enough coffee in the world to jump-start my brain and I don’t even drink the stuff! It has to come to the bottom of the barrel sometime soon and allow me to catch up, or I am going to crash and burn like one of those Nascar stock cars shooting off the track and heading for an unsuspecting crowd.

My cats are feeling the effects of my screwed up psyche too. They have taken to chewing each others tails. Yes.. I said each others. Chewing is probably too light of a word.. mangling would be better. The ends of their tails now look like tiny, bony little fingers pointing accusingly at me for messing with their karma. Don’t believe me? Take a look at these..

Thought I was kidding, didn’t you. Jokes on you. HA! :p

Actually, the joke is on them because tomorrow morning, bright and early, these little cuties are going in to the vet to have the procedure done that every male on the planet winces at. Yup.. you guessed it.. it’s nut snipping time. Maybe that is why they are chewing on their tails? So they can shoot me the bird for stealing their manhood! Bwahahaha


In all seriousness though, I ran out and bought something called Grannick’s bitter apple to try to stop the tail murder. It smells like rubbing alcohol, that I was charged $12 for instead of the usual $1.50 where they actually NAME it Rubbing Alcohol. Can you spell R I P – O F F? I can.

At the rate they are going, they will both have stubs where their tails should be. For now I am just trying not to be creeped out when they point those crazy looking things my way. YIKES! By tomorrow’s end they will probably be plotting my demise anyhow.

If you don’t hear from me in a few days, send out a posse.. you will probably find me buried under the catnip!


17 thoughts on “A Tisket, A Tasket, Rocks Bustin’ Out of My Basket

  1. Stubs for tails doesnt sound that bad! Stretch their ears a little and you’ll have two lovely pet rabbits!
    In all seriousness, i hope you’ll catch up on some sleep, dollface. Otherwise you’ll start chewing yourself out! :/

  2. Poor kitties. Wonder why they are doing that? I’ve had cats for years, and I’ve never seen that behavior (thank goodness!). Good luck with the “procedures”. They will do fine.

    • The bitter apple seems to be working for now. I wish I knew why, myself. I’ve asked at a pet forum so maybe I will get some answers. Thank you for the well wishes, I think I am probably more nervous than they are! lol

  3. Well despite sleep it sounds like you’re holding up somewhat well… (besides the fact that insanity appears to be approaching 😉 ). I really hope you start sleeping better. For me it was resolved by getting a fan that blows on my head (all that hot air). Just el cheapo personal fan but it does the trick. I pass right out instead of tossing and turning. Also, I have white noise app that I use on my phone, I think that helps. (Not sure how animals would react to that…)

    That is quite odd with the cats, I wonder why they are doing that? Good thing that the expensive stuff seems to be doing the trick! 🙂

    • I will have to find something that lulls me to sleep and soon. I am existing on 4 hours again today. :/

      Also dealing with another craptastic day, because my radiator on my car blew out AFTER I dropped off the kittens for their neuter 40 minutes away, so I have been begging friends for a ride since 9am. The fun never ends. 😦

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