Life Is About Creating Yourself

hello to all new followers
and welcome to my blog
here you will find poetry
and pictures of my dogs

in the weekly photo challenges
you will see images of my cats
sprinting to and fro
and acting like little brats

sometimes I post haikus
or simple little verses
other times you will find rants
that are filled with my curses

I’ve a wicked sense of humor
and a quirky attitude
there are days I am happy
others I’m in a mood

I will most likely share
little pieces of my life
some parts will be good
many others filled with strife

my stories might make you laugh
or could even make you cry
either way you look at it
it’s better than a poke in the eye

so thanks for following along
taking this leap of faith with me
I will try to keep you entertained
on my journey of self discovery


16 thoughts on “Life Is About Creating Yourself

  1. To all Phoebe’s new followers
    You are in for quite a treat
    She shines like a star at WordPress
    Grab some coffee and a seat

    I am sure you will want to linger
    go through post by post
    You will find she is a treasure
    And a most lovely host!! 😀

    (sorry…could not resist….I love your blog)

  2. Thank you for further proof that I am smart enough to spot the good ones. I look forward to further glimpses of your psyche and assorted brats.

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