When Imitation is Annoying, Not Flattering

Say you spend weeks.. months even, mulling over something you want to do. It doesn’t really matter much what it is. A blog is a good example. You browse the internet looking for themes, and researching paid versus free platforms. The benefits of dot-com or dot-org.. spending a little extra for your own domain or sticking with what is provided.. These are all decisions that took up some of my valuable time when I first decided to start this blog. Honestly though, what took the longest was trying to decide on a unique blog name. Something eye-catching, that also would give a hint as to what my blog would be mostly featuring. I googled and searched every name idea I came up with, trying to make sure no one else had thought of my name idea first.

In a world with millions of people, total exclusivity is probably not going to happen, and I understand that as well as anyone. but.. when something is a blatant attempt at copying.. imitation is NOT the sincerest form of flattery. It truly isn’t.

When I chose to name my blog Drops of Ink, I did it knowing that there was a similarly named site for tattoos and one referencing a high school newspaper. None had a Facebook, nor a personal blog, and acquiring my domain was easy peasy, as no one was using my name. I set about making a twitter page and a Facebook page just for the blog, and though I do not personally own the Lord Byron quote, I decided to make it my motto. I felt it gave my page that touch of je ne sais quoi it was missing.

This was all a little over 7 months ago and I have been enjoying every minute of it. Even when I can’t think of anything remotely witty to write about.

Today.. one of my followers mentioned in a message that they had been searching for my Facebook page and had almost liked the wrong one because it looked so similar. They provided me with a link, which curiosity forced me to go visit and I was more than a little shocked at what I found. There was no plagiarism of my poems or writing, but the name, and the Lord Byron quote were exactly the same. Even the avatar looked very close, font wise included. I won’t be a bitch and blast their name on here because I am not that kind of person, but I was more than a little perturbed. The page was older than mine, but it was obvious the name change and references to Lord Byron were more recent.

Am I flattered? Absolutely not. Am I annoyed? Hell yes! Am I going to do anything about it. Nope.

It’s a free country, and no matter whether it was meant as a compliment, or just sheer lack of individuality on their part, there is really not much that can be done. All I am going to do is rant, then take a deep cleansing breath and move on. Hell, who knows.. maybe someone out there thought the exact same thing about me when I made this blog.

Life is just simply too short to stress the petty stuff.

Thanks for listening y’all. 😉


29 thoughts on “When Imitation is Annoying, Not Flattering

  1. I work for a law firm in the Intellectual Property department, and we see patent, trademark and copyright infringement all the time. That’s why people sue each other so much. Someone has a good idea, and they patent, trademark or copyright it, and then some other idiot steals their idea. It’s amazing what infringers try to get away with. One guy took advantage of a little old lady – she was an artist, and he created a website and sold copies of HER artwork and made money off of it until she sued him. He used her name and everything – made it look like he was representing her.

  2. That is really rough to take! I have found a few people that are trying to look like mine as well, it is frustrating. The high road is the best road to take, though. I am proud of you.

    Yours will always be the best in name, form and content!! Not to worry!! 😀

  3. I am going to pretend it is a girl who is running the other blog, just so I can say, “that bitch!” Hahahaha.

    Here is something though with stuff like this it is not a free country. It is copyright infringement and you do have the right to protect yourself if needs be. The Lord Byron quote of course is public domain but if she is using a similar design and the same font in conjunction it could be considered damaging to your brand so to speak. I am no lawyer (not even close) but if you hear more complaints like this again maybe consulting one wouldn’t hurt.

    Which reminds me, do you do your own artwork? Like the twitter bird?

    • LOL! I was imagining it to be a female as well. 😉 If she (or any others) had been copying my poetry or writing I would have been more concerned. As it is, we all gather stuff from the net when attempting to beautify our pages, so in a sense we all infringe to a degree. Myself included with the gifs and graphics I used (twitter bird). I wish I had skills like that but I don’t. Thank you for opening my eyes to that though.. I hadn’t really thought about it.. so I guess it doesn’t leave me much room to complain. I’m guilty too.

      • Oh hmm… not quite what I was going for, didn’t want you to feel guilty. I just really liked that tweet bird and was wondering if you did it if you could do one for me, lol. The art style you choose is all pretty consistent and it feels like you, so I thought you were the one that did it, lol.

        • It’s okay.. I really loved that tweet bird too. I spent tons of time just browsing clip art on the internet and found that one. Sometimes you have to pay a few dollars for the right to use the better ones, but it can be worth it in the long run. I honestly can’t remember if that tweet bird was on a paid site or if I found it for free while browsing, but it suited me very well so I used it. 🙂

  4. Well Phoebe, I personally enjoy YOUR blog and will find your Facebook page, too. Keep on keeping on…you are awesome!

  5. I agree with Lead Our Lives, I read what you write because it comes from you, it is annoying to have someone reflect your creation however it is the content within what you have created that makes you and your site unique and a great visit. Deep breath, then the rest of life. Have a good weekend.

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