Stand Up and Take a Bow

When I first joined WordPress I never imagined that I could.. or would, find friends here among the throngs of writers and artists who populate this great site. But I have. We may not delve deeply into each others personal lives or hang out at the local coffee shop exchanging chatter, but we get to know each other in profoundly different ways. Our poetry and stories are a direct route into showing the world who we are. Whether they are works filled with pain, or joy, they define US as a whole.

There are other forms of artistry that draw us in as well in the forms of paintings, drawings, and photography. Giving us a glimpse into the person behind the brush.. the charcoal pencil.. the camera and computer.

It is one such wonderful artist that I am referring to tonight, in this very post. He is a wonderfully sweet, kind and caring human being, who goes out of his way to make someone else smile even when he is having moments of melancholy all his own.

Stand up and take a bow Brad, Green Embers! You deserve it. If only all the world had friends like you.

I’ve had a rough few days, and this wonderful person decided I needed a smile and drew me THIS..

Artist Credit: Green Embers

Artist Credit: Green Embers

Isn’t it fantastic?! I love it and am now looking for the perfect place to display it.

Thank you Green Embers, for making this girl smile.

See >>> 😀


25 thoughts on “Stand Up and Take a Bow

  1. It is amazing how we bloggers connect in this wonderfully wide world of the blogoverse. I am glad you have found such a friend in green embers, sounds like a fantastic person.I will have to visit his blog. I have made such friends myself. Isn’t it all grand?!

  2. Green Embers is a very dear person, generous with his time and his heart. I love his drawing! Yup, one of the joys of blogging is meeting people like Green Embers and you 🙂

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  4. Very true about the connections made and the relationship between writers here.
    We share more of ourselves through our posts than with most people even through direct contact. Whether through metaphor or actual direct truth we connect through our similarities and differences alike.
    Keep inspiring


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