From Sea to Shining Sea

Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea

In a new post specifically for this challenge, share a photo which means SEA to you!

My favorite part about the ocean is that as you look out into the water with no end in sight, it gives you the feeling of infinite possibilities. Here in the Pacific Northwest, there is no shortness of beautiful scenery and opportunities for some amazing photo shots.. even while using an iPhone 4s as I am.

Seaside beach at sunset..

beach at sunset..

What is your favorite thing about the ocean/sea?


39 thoughts on “From Sea to Shining Sea

    • You really need to plan a trip to your closest ocean then someday, because you are really missing out. I could sit on a beach for hours. It’s so relaxing listening to the waves coming in. Trouble with beaches here are that they are generally cold lol.

  1. I, too, could sit and stare at the water for hours. I’m not huge on horoscopes, but maybe I love water because I was born an Aquarius. Water soothes me. I guess that’s why I had waves tattooed on my forearm.

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  3. I love the ocean. I prefer the west coast. I think it’s the sound, the waves crashing, the soothing rhythm of the waves. I feel like I’m drawn to water, lakes/oceans, and would LOVE to live on the coast. I love the smell of the salty air too, it’s just so relaxing. ~Gina

  4. I live along the coast in Southern California now, but spent a year near Seattle when I was in the Navy. I LOVED it up there and probably should never have left. I love almost everything about the sea, especially the sea breezes and sound of the waves.

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