Pen of a Poet

It’s a re-blog kind of Wednesday.. One of my earlier posts that you may have missed. 🙂

Drops of Ink


When the house turns to ebony
and the whole world counts sheep
thoughts creep into my head
preventing me from sleep.

They beckon the pen of a poet
scribbling words to a page
ink spilling like blood
thoughts meant to assuage.

These perceptions I must share
they have no where else to go
if I do not write them down
I fear I may implode.

The darkness beckons me down
with its long sinewy arms
whispering of seductions
promising of its charms.

I heed its alluring call
having no where else to turn
one day I will regret this
for an eternity in hell I will burn.

Some may ask am I emo?
or some raving lunatic?
To these I answer no
tenebrosity is just my shtick

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