Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs..

Sorry I haven’t been too speedy with the comment approvals and responses for the past few days, but I woke up sick several days back and started battling what I thought was nothing more than your usual change of weather common cold. I was wrong.

It seems my germs got their little heads together and decided to mutiny against me. It was unprovoked I swear. I am just a sweet, misunderstood woman with the best of intentions. *cough-cough* bullshit. Okay okay.. so maybe I am a little stubborn, hard-headed and outspoken. I can be lazy at times, and spend entirely too much time staring at a television screen.. but so what? I’m not hurting anyone.. right? These evil little buggers are just picking on me for no reason!

It would seem that my mere cold has now morphed into Acute Bronchitis. I have all the wonderful signs. Coughing my fool head off – congestion in both my head and chest – mucous (I know, I know TMI) – burning in my throat and lungs and as of today I have no voice. If I find out who brought this crap around me.. I will happily reciprocate the supreme favor they paid unto me. I’ll be all like “come ‘ere bitch so I can cough/sneeze on you!” and they will be all like “nah.. that’s alright” Verbatim. 😉

On a serious note.. I promise to return into the I think I am funnier than I am form that is the norm for me, as soon as I ditch this darn germ brigade. So stay tuned dear readers.. I am sure I have something genius buried up here in my brain.. somewhere.

Now where’s my tissues..


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