Just Another Wordless Wednesday..

Whatchu lookin at sucka..

Whatchu lookin at sucka..





8 thoughts on “Just Another Wordless Wednesday..

  1. Oh, what a pretty kitty! I had an orange tabby. We named him Mikey and he was my “snuggle bunny.” It was two years ago this month when we had to let him go. I still miss him a lot.

    • Thank you. I adore him. He dislikes being picked up but will definitely let you snuggle him if he’s already laying next to you lol. I’m so sorry for the loss of your Mikey. ((hugs))

      • We have four cats right now and none of them like to be picked up. Only Luisa, who is old and a bit dotty, tolerates it well 😉 I can’t wait for cold weather. That’s when they all become snuggly because they want our body heat 🙂 Thanks for your comment on Mikey. He was one of a kind.

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