smooth and fluid
bodies in motion
lovingly whispered words
fraught with devotion

primitive longings
long left unquenched
bodies intimately entwined
sheets knotted and drenched

bright bursts of color
behind tightly clenched eyes
deep ragged breaths
long soulful sighs

two lovers do lay
breathless and sated
eyes locked in wonder
rampant passions abated


19 thoughts on “Encounters

    • LOL! It’s a mixture of antibiotics, honey, and a buffet of vitamins with a dash of Melatonin for sleep issues. Think that amped me up? It did just sort of toss itself into my mind unbidden. I’m glad you liked it. 😉

  1. In the turmoil of a rampant world, to know the hope of Love lies ever so silently beneath the sheets, if even for a second it brings me peace, don’t stop those drops of ink from falling, continue painting mental pictures for me please.

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