Halloween Header

Brad over at Green Embers is awesome, and made me a wonderful new Halloween header to use and I couldn’t wait to put it up! I changed up my font color a little to go with the season, because I am a confessed Halloweenaholic. 😀 So please go check it out and see his great header work. 🙂

There may, or may not be Halloweenie type graphics popping off and on my page, so be on alert.. you may think you’re losing it.. but I assure you.. it’s just me… cause I am feeling a little witchy. 😉


22 thoughts on “Halloween Header

  1. Yay! Another Halloweenie! My wife and I love Halloween. Last year we dressed up as Luke and Leia Skywalker, and dressed our (at the time) 1 year old son as Yoda. I look forward to your Halloween flavoured posts!

    • Thank you! WordPress only has a Frankenstein thing that allows you to change his head from Frank to a vampire or a few other choices. Not sure if it allows for color changes, or if you have to have the paid upgrade for that or not.

      They certainly need to get a few more choices for holidays in there though.

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