Behind Green Eyes

she says she is fine
when truthfully she’s not
it’s just a word she offers
without a second thought

her heart weighs heavy
thudding within her chest
life’s burdens bear down
until her head is all a mess

one minute she wants to scream
the next she’s about to cry
laughter follows close behind
as though giving insanity a try

tears burn behind green eyes
like molten lava on a path
her breath comes shallow and fast
lungs unable to withstand the wrath

she slumps weakly to her knees
begging for the sweetness of release
if this is all life has to offer
she would much rather be deceased


21 thoughts on “Behind Green Eyes

  1. That poem made me worry about you. Hope you are just being severely creative, rather than writing what you know. A burrito would probably make you smile… πŸ™‚

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