NaNoWriMo is No Mo’

I think the worst lies of all, are the ones we tell ourselves. “I was only joking”.. “I didn’t mean to say that”.. “it’s not really hurting anyone”.. “I can write 50,000 words in one month, when I’ve never done it before.”

Yup.. you heard it right. NaNo is over at the end of today and I didn’t even come close.

I’ve given myself the pep talk about how it was only my first time. That, what was important, was that I made time to write at all. I’ve had the pats on the back and been told that I did great for trying and not to let it get to me.

The truth is though, I feel like a failure. I think I could have done better. Maybe. Possibly. Probably not. *sigh*

You know what they say right?

There is always next year…


20 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo is No Mo’

  1. I had to quit because my last college course got too intense. I still plan to finish what I started – just not in November. I look forward to picking mine up again in mid-December.

  2. Why wait till next year? Make the whole year a novel writing experience. Just write 1K words per week. I like the idea of NaNo but for me the thought of 50K words in one month broke my poor wittle brain. I found once I set my goal to 1K per week it’s been going soooo much better. (Just my experience, though, lol)

    Don’t give up though, I’m here to cheer you on if needed! Rah rah! πŸ˜€ (Also whose brilliant idea was it to put NaNo right before the holidays?!)

  3. Don’t give up… Perhaps one day you will do it… I did the poem challenge last year, but I knew I could not do the 50,000 words in a month. This one seemed harder to me…

  4. I have never subscribed to this type of writing mill. Ours is not an activity that can be turned on and off to perform within measurable boundaries and any attempt to do so is to counter-productively set yourself up for failure. There – I’ve finally said it out loud. You’re a writer Phobe, not a machine.

  5. Congratulations on giving it a go, Phoebe! I’m one of those who doesn’t believe that anyone “fails” at NaNo. In 2008, I wrote only 500 words but I’m still glad I tried. I like Bradley’s idea too. The downside of writing so much in so short a time is that you might have mostly gibberish. I know I do, and it makes me dread having to review and edit πŸ˜‰

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