Udderly Chocolate

This weeks question(s), comes from Brad over at Green Embers.

what is your all time favorite TV show and why?

Also what is your favorite ice cream flavor?

Pinning myself down to just one favorite Tv show is nigh impossible, because I love so many of them. You heard it here first, I am addicted to watching Television. The only 12 steps I worry about are the ones I take towards my favorite chair before curling up to watch something. 😆

Seriously though, I do not have just one favorite. It’s more like I have a preferred show for each day of the week. Besides the others I watch, and believe me, there is a lot.

Teen Wolf Mondays
Sons of Anarchy Tuesdays, soon to be Justified Tuesdays
American Horror Story Wednesdays
Vampire Diaries Thursday
Dracula Fridays (Used to be Spartacus Fridays but that show ended)
I’m-so-freaking-bored-why-the-hell-isn’t-there-a-show Saturdays
The Walking Dead Sundays

Those are just the highlights and I will probably kick myself for forgetting some show that I really liked at one time or another. 😀

Ice cream is another difficult question because I pretty much like all flavors except for mint and strawberry. I guess to narrow it down though, I would have to say that I like a flavor called Udderly Chocolate. It’s a 50/50 mixture of white and milk chocolates with some chocolate shavings. It’s not too rich, but is sweet and silky on my tongue.

Or, on the days I am feeling really decadent, I like a flavor called Peanut Butter Mudslide. It’s chocolate ice cream, with peanut butter cups and a carmel fudge ribbon running through it. YUM!

Well that’s it for week 8 of Ask Phoebe, and now I think I will run off and eat something because I made myself hungry! 😆

Thank you for reading and please.. keep those questions coming. See y’all next Tuesday!


17 thoughts on “Udderly Chocolate

  1. Can’t say I’ve ever watched Teen Wolf or Spartacus, but we’re definitely on the same page for the rest of the shows. I’m also of the belief you can never have enough chocolate in your life.

  2. You definitely have a taste for the supernatural my friend. I myself am addicted to any form of ghost hunter show. If not SO ridiculously staged that it makes me mad.
    There is a Sunday night series called Being Human that I like too. Ghost, Vampire, and Werewolf share a house. Pretty fun. And I Can also say I have followed Walking Dead since the beginning. Although the writers almost sent me packing at the beginning of last season when they came back from hiatus, and had skipped more than six weeks of story. The colony was already comp-lately formed in the prison? What the HELL?!? It took a few episodes before they won me back after that bit of LAZY writing. I have never liked Vampires, but give me witches, werewolves or zombies and I am good to go. Thanks for sharing. And Ice cream? Mint Chocolate chip for me. Again we differ. To each their own……….
    Keep Inspiring


    • I used to watch ghost hunter shows, until I got so frustrated with them being so phony looking. I’ve seen Being Human too. Also, totally agree with you on the 6 week hole in Walking Dead and all the main characters that they kill off all the time. I know a show has to keep things exciting, but damn.

      A lot of people like mint chocolate chip ice cream. I like to think that since I am one of the few who doesn’t… that makes me slightly unique. 😀

      • I totally get what you are saying on the Ghost Hunter shows. Only really one left that I can even sit through, and it has more to do with the investigative team itself. As far as Walking Dead is concerned, I think it is a good thing they kill off main characters from time to time, but I DO HATE to see them go. Herschel especially. And someone needs to tell Michonne that even if you run someone like the Guv’nr through with a sword, you NEVER EVER turn your back until you are sure he is dead. JEEZ. I just hope Whats her name actually shot him at the end. Okay, LOL rant over.

        And as for Mint chocolate chip Ice Cream? The fact that you don’t like it makes you Unique in a very cool way. My Ice Cream rebel. lol. Okay, Have a great one friend.

  3. I am not a TV watcher, however, I do and did enjoy a show called White Queen, and now I do like Reign. Both I love because of the time of life and love all the costumes and the story lines. My favorite Ice Cream is Pralines and Cream….YUMMMMM

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