Moral Dilemma

This weeks question(s), comes from Nikki who has a twitter account but not a blog, and doesn’t wish to be linked. That doesn’t make her questions any less important! πŸ˜ƒ

Would you kill an innocent person if you thought it might mean saving hundreds (or more) of other people?

What a great question! Wow.

I know at this point I am expected to say that killing anyone.. for any reason.. is wrong and there is never enough justification to do it. But that is not an honest answer, and is more just a cop-out than anything. The God’s honest truth is that, unless we’ve actually been in the position to have to make a decision like that, none of us really know what we would certainly do. We can only speculate.

With that thought in mind, and out there as a disclaimer, I can then safely say.. that if I was in a situation where killing one person could save the lives of many, I would probably do it. The exception being if I was asked to kill a loved one, or someone I was close to. And/or of course, if it was a child I was suppose to kill, because then I absolutely could not bring myself to do that, even if it meant saving lives.

If it was just a random person I did not really know, and their demise would save countless others.. then YES. I know what you’re thinking.. their life is just as valuable as a kids or anyone else’s.. right? Well, you’re not wrong in that.. BUT, we are talking about making a judgement call on what is the greater good here, and we all know that the needs of the many, outweigh the needs of the few. And again, there are, and would be many factors to consider when making the decision, IF ever actually put into that position, where one needed to make a call such as that. MANY FACTORS.

Does that make me a bad person? I’d like to think not, but I am sure that some would disagree.

Care to weigh in?


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