Black Widow

she leaves you there
tortured and alone
wondering what it all means
as you sit by the phone

she fiddles with your heart
like it’s a voodoo toy
sticking it with needles
while trying to act so coy

she fills your head with lies
all with a smile on her face
giving you cause to hope
before vanishing without a trace

you really don’t deserve this
despite what you may think
she’s just a thoughtless woman
pushing you to the brink

she’s a ruthless black widow
with a heart and soul to match
yet she’s desperate to convince you
that she’s really quite a catch

to you my dearest friend
I say with all sincerity
men like you are hard to find
you truly are a rarity

let her play her games
with others on her string
no matter what she tells you
she’ll never wear your ring

save yourself dear one
and kick her to the curb
she isn’t worth the effort
it took me to write this blurb


22 thoughts on “Black Widow

  1. Wow, it sounds like your friend is in deep with someone he shouldn’t be. 😦

    *HUGS all around*

    Very well done with this Phoebe, really feel the emotion and torment. Hope it works out for the best!

  2. Well done, Phoebe! I do Like this poem. Unfortunately, WP is stuck on loading the Like button so I can’t officially Like it (this has been going on all day). Anyway, really enjoyed the poem 🙂

  3. I love this piece Phoebe. You are always so flattering of my work and all I can say is Thank you, but I also need to say you are right there raising the bar for me as well my friend. Happy New Year and may the days to come be filled with nothing but peace, love, and joy. Keep Inspiring


  4. An admirable poetic caveat lyrically extrapolated with your generous spirit for the benefit of grateful males worldwide on whose behalf I now thank you. I would thank you myself only I’ve already met the bee-aitch.

    • I am truly sorry to hear that you have already had the misfortune to have such a woman in your life. It seems to have made you all the stronger though. Happy New Year Mike, I hope this coming year brings you nothing but joy and love. xo

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