Winter, I Extend My Finger to You

Every winter we all experience a cold or two brought on by the weather, and by the constant spread of germs from one person to another through bad hygiene habits, and the need to turn a dollar. Even though I detest this time of year because of it, I have learned to accept my fate and know that I will succumb at least once. I repeat that. ONCE.

This season however, I have far surpassed the one time, and moved straight into F**K YOU WINTER!!!

photo credit: Google images

Saturday around 4 am I came down with what is my third illness of the season. Each one’s sick factor far exceeding the previous on the Richter scale of ickiness. The powers that be have it out for me and so far my immune system has lost the ability to fight back.

This one that has its grips on me now, is a full-blown flu. Complete with aches, pains, fever, chills, hot flashes, congestion… and lest I forget… my favorite of the bunch — the lingering, always present hacking cough that makes your chest burn and your throat constrict like you just took a big bong hit that went down wrong. Yeah.. you know what I am saying. *wink wink*

I was so sick that I completely missed celebrating my one year blogaversary! But WordPress didn’t forget me.

yay me!!

Anyway.. if I seem to disappear for a few days or am lacking in the comments or likes, know that I am not just ignoring you…but am probably instead, neck-deep in used Kleenex, Vick’s VapoRub and empty NyQuil bottles. Salutè


23 thoughts on “Winter, I Extend My Finger to You

  1. Sorry your under the weather again my friend. Get well soon. I love that pic by the way. Someone hates winter enough to stand outside in it long enough to create that masterpiece. THAT is dedication to your feelings and emotions and your craft. Gotta admire the HELL out of that. Now get back to your tissues, VapoRub, and Nyquil.

    Also a great big hug and congratulations on your 1 year anniversary.


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