I Found My Voice

Hello there...

Hello there…

After being sick for so long, I’ve been finding it a little hard to “get back on that horse” as the saying goes, and start writing posts again. I sit at my laptop and stare at the blank screen while it taunts me, and calls me dirty names. Okay, maybe that’s just me muttering under my breath at myself like a screw ball.

The worst part was that I felt like I was letting down my readers. That seemed to block up my creativity even more. There’s nothing worse than letting down people you’ve come to care about. Then, a friend reminded me that I started this blog for myself. An outlet for when I felt creative or just had something to say, and I had forgotten that. Hiding away from the world while I was sick, and feeling sorry for myself, had caused me to lose my voice. Metaphorically.

I realized that there are going to be times when even the most creative person in the world is going to need an artistic vacation. A cleansing of the mind and soul as it were. Maybe it will simply be a day or two.. or even a week or a month. It doesn’t mean that we aren’t coming back, or that we’ve forgotten about our readers and friends on WordPress. It just means that we need a little “us” time to rejuvenate and find our center. That special place in the universe that is all ours, and that despite all the trials and tribulations we go through, is our own little secluded island away from it all, so that when we come back to you, we feel renewed and ready to take on the world. Now I can stare straight out into the world and say.. “bring it!”

I’m here my friends…and raring to go. I’ve found my voice.


16 thoughts on “I Found My Voice

  1. I’m with you on the ‘artistic vacation’. I pretty much took off the month of December, then went to a writing workshop last Saturday and found I had all kinds of new ideas. Glad you’re back!

  2. Great to see looking so well and active Phoebe – love your dress (GR8 pins!)

    You underestimate your readers’ empathy. We know how hard writing can be when we’re feeling on top of the world, let alone unwell. But it’s noted that you have rationalised the situation and I like the way you got your head around it.

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