My Eyes Are Open

A friend of mine is going through something with her son, and it’s heartbreaking to see what it’s doing to her. I wrote this poem with her in mind, so you too might feel her pain.



my eyes are open
and now I see
you’re made of stone
as cold as can be

my life I devoted
to your well-being
when all that drives you
are thoughts of fleeing

ripping me apart
comes easy to you
if I show I care
you call me a shrew

I’ve been there for you
for all these years
my repayment I see
is nothing but tears

you seem to be missing
the one thing you need
a soul full of love
instead of just greed

despite all of this
I really wish you the best
even as you walk away
ripping the heart from my chest


13 thoughts on “My Eyes Are Open

  1. Phoebe, I do not know your friend, but please give her a hug for me. What is happening with her son is awful. I hope she will find peace in knowing that she did all she could as a good and caring mom.

  2. This is a beautiful poem Phoebe and as a parent, I can only imagine the awful hurt and sadness that your friend is going through right now. I hope that she manages to sort this out.

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