I Double-Clicked My Mouse Until My Finger Was Sore

Ha! Don’t you have a dirty mind, but boy are you way off base. πŸ˜† πŸ˜›

Seriously though, my clicker finger is sore. It always happens this time of year. Some of you may know what I am talking about, and others may not. An itchy feeling overcomes you. Your eye develops a twitch. You cannot concentrate. You cannot focus. You find yourself eyeballing the clock on the wall every few seconds as though willing it to be hours, even minutes later. And that finger… the one with a mind of its own.. the one sitting there on your track-pad or mouse, just keeps hitting the refresh button even though you keep telling yourself it’s too soon… too early to try again.. no way will it have changed in the mere 2 seconds since you last clicked. No matter though. You. Just. Keep. Refreshing. The. Damn. Page.

For those of you still with me and wondering what the hell I’ve been smoking, and where can you get some… It’s tax season. Filing officially opened at midnight, eastern time, when it was only 9pm here in the Pacific Northwest. I jumped on that shit like flies on a fresh turd, and I have been sitting here ever since.

With the help of Turbo Tax, whom I am a huge fan of, I had my taxes done in a flash and hit that e-file button. Sounds easy enough right? Get it done, shut down the laptop and move on to something more entertaining right? Right? Wrong. *sigh*

Every year it’s the same. Once I hit that “send return” button, my split personality, Taxonia, takes over my body and that little bitch is in charge until I have the money safely in my sweaty, eager little palms. Her ultimate paranoia that I made a mistake shortly after hitting the submit button kicks in, and I read and re-read over my saved returns until my eye sockets bleed looking for a non-existent mistake. Then the twitch kicks in and I start hitting the Turbo Tracker page, and refreshing like a crack addict on the juice, as I eagerly watch for it to change from pending to accepted.

It never ends there though. You’d think it would… but again.. no. Taxonia is never satisfied. Once it’s been accepted she spends all night long hanging out at the Where’s My Refund site so she can BE THERE when it updates with a date as to when she might see some cash. If I fall asleep she cracks the whip, and I am back at that refresh button with renewed vigor and a sore ass. You might think I am the only one.. but I’m not. There are many more like me. We’re all sitting here, stuck on refresh and at the mercy of our own versions of Taxonia, the mistress of taxsanity.

Send help.. or cookies. Cookies would be good…


17 thoughts on “I Double-Clicked My Mouse Until My Finger Was Sore

  1. Coooookies! Just have to bake a batch and I’ll send them over right away. πŸ™‚ So I paid the extra protection from TurboTax so I would have to worry less, lol.

    Oh btw, not dirty at all… I was thinking you were playing the original Diablo, ahahaha.

    • How does paying extra make you worry less? Please do tell. πŸ˜›

      Oh yes! I had not thought of that but I could have been, lol.

      Thank you for the cookies! They were awesome, like you. πŸ˜€

  2. The one year I did my taxes myself, was the only year I’ve ended up owing money. Luckily, I discovered the free tax service provided at the library, and I let the wonderful professionals do my tax returns for me for FREE!!!

  3. A watched pot never boils. A begged cookie never downloads. I would like to read ‘I Double-Clicked My Mouse Until My Finger Was Sore – The Sequel’ about what you do when the cheque finally arrives (if you haven’t suffered a seizure by then).

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