Snow bunny

Things have been a little cuckoo for me lately. I’ve never really battled depression before, but I am starting to suspect I am now. Or maybe I am just making up excuses for myself, for feeling lazy, and unsociable. Every day when I make it home, I boot up my MacAir, and head straight to WordPress. That is where my enthusiasm ends. I see my dashboard and I freeze up. Is it because I have nothing to say? Nah… I’m like a dribbling faucet.. I always have some sort of an opinion about something. For some reason though, the desire to pen the thoughts down, fades almost immediately and my energy drains away leaving me tired and morose.

The weather here in the Pacific Northwest is not helping at all. I am used to it having spurts of cold in between the rain, but it just seems that this year, Jack Frost is hell-bent on turning me into a snow bunny.



The last few days here it has been cold as hell, and all I want to do is stay curled up under an electric blanket and avoid the world. Today, was no exception, as a nice little snow storm decided to add itself to my misery. I’m a good driver in snow, but I hate being out in it, because most other idiots aren’t. After five minutes in their presence I am plotting the demise of mankind and whether or not there is enough room in my back yard to hide all the bodies. I suppose I could stack them on top of one another. πŸ˜€

This, was what I saw as I braved a trip to the local Wal-Mart today before making it home safely to hide my head and pretend I was really in Hawaii.

Now, that is nowhere near the amounts of snow I was used to when I lived in Montana, but dammit I am a spoiled little bitch now and I don’t even like this much. *stomps foot*

I WANT SPRING NOW!!!!!! Who’s with me??!!


23 thoughts on “Snow bunny

  1. Hey Phoebe. Sorry to hear you are feeling the weather. Stacking the bodies would not be a good idea though. Sure it would be fine for now, But when that spring thaw that you so desire finally gets here then you have a whole OTHER mess to worry about.!!
    LOL. Just try not to use the roads as often and let the idiot drivers weed themselves out. May take a while but it will happen. Anyway, glad to see you here with an update. Be well my friend. Stay warm and be positive.


  2. WordPress and the friends I have made here helped me through some of the hardest times of my life. When I started here I was SO alone . KEEP ENGAGING and know that you are in great and nurturing company P . HUGS! β™₯

  3. We’ve got pretty depressing weather here too – lots and lots of rain, which doesn’t even look pretty 😦
    I hope the spring thaw happens soon and you start to feel more yourself.

  4. 52 days until April 1. I have been counting that down for a while. Winter blues suck. I’m suffering from them, too. Hang in there.

    Your avatar is really cute. Do you know if she’s seeing anyone? πŸ˜‰

  5. Sorry to hear you’re feeling down. I’ve been there a few times. Sometimes you’re just tired or maybe your brain is overthinking or you just need a break! And sometimes the weather doesn’t help! But I guess that depends on what kind of character you have anyway! But chin up, you’ll move on and you’ll be in great form soon!

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