Just Rockin’ Along

So last night I finally bit the bullet and watched the movie remake of Baywatch. I’m not sure if I was actually expecting it to be any better than the show, but it really wasn’t. Don’t get me wrong it definitely had some funny moments in it, but all too often it was more about flashing pectoral muscles, girls asses, and cleavage shots. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson had some good bromance chemistry going with Zac Efron and it’s probably all that managed to save the movie in my eyes. My daughters think it should have been named Baewatch due to Zac Efron being so handsome. lol, I cannot find fault with their thoughts on that. lol, I think both men are both phenomenal actors, but that they don’t take the right roles. In fact, with Dwayne, it is almost like they have decided to cast him in every remake ever made.

Hell, it won’t be long before you see a trailer for a Twilight remake with Dwayne Johnson cast as playing both Edward the vampire and Jacob the werewolf as well as every other character in the movie, Eddie Murphy style, because well… he is “The Rock” as though that is all it takes to make a movie now. Big muscles and an arched eyebrow? Ding! You’re hired! 😛


Despite all that, if someone is looking for a funny movie, with some adult themes, and can overlook it having any real plot to it, then, by all means, I recommend you go rent Baywatch and have yourself some laughs. I did!

If you’ve seen the movie already, what were your thoughts? I look forward to hearing them!


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