So Dog-Gone Cute

After losing my two dogs and a cat a little while after, I was pretty sure I was never going to get any more animals. The pain of losing them is not something I felt ready to experience again. It only took gazing into a pair of sea-green eyes to change my mind. He was 4 months old at the time and obviously had experienced abuse already in his short little life. His eyes were sad, and he trembled a lot. I rescued him on Valentines Day and never looked back. Due to the abuse, he was never properly socialized, and it shows whenever a stranger comes around, or whenever anyone but me tries to handle him too much. He can be quite the aggressive little man, and despite knowing that I have to watch him extra careful because of it, I couldn’t love him more than I do now. About 5 months ago, my girls and I decided that he seemed a little lonely and could probably use a playmate.

We adopted an 8-week old female puppy of the same breed and at first, it didn’t look good. He wasn’t happy with the new addition and would growl and circle her a lot. It didn’t take long though, and now they are the best of friends. Even though I still miss my other pet-kids very much, these cute little devils have helped ease my pain. Together, they are quite the handful, and there is never a dull moment. Say hello to Pita, and Piper. (Pita btw, is an acronym for pain in the ass lol)

I know I’m really chubby
But I’m oh so cute
Big chocolate brown eyes
And a button nose to boot!

I have black spots
On a small white body
Also tons of energy
And always have to potty

My ears stand straight up
Kind of like a bat
But when they flop over
A lot of “awwws!” I get for that

I give friendly kisses
And always want to play
Even when you’d rather
I’d wait until it’s day

You said you’d never want
Another dog again
The day that you lost
Your two best friends

But then I came along
Helping change your mind
With a lot of love to give
And a wiggly behind

I bring a smile to your face
Even though I’m really hyper
I couldn’t be more pleased
You decided to name me Piper

And then there is Pita
He is my bae
His name is an acronym
For pain in the A!

Together we bring you joy
And a fullness in your heart
Always your faithful companions
Never to be apart.


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