Always in the Way

Sometimes family can be a blessing, and other times, more of a cruel joke. There are more of the latter in my life than of the prior. It’s a sad, unfortunate fact that my children have also had to accept as they grew up. It is from that failing that this poem sprang.


It truly seems as though
We’re always in your way
You invited us in
Then insisted we not stay

You claim to be family
But that I seriously doubt
All we feel is sad with you
Wanting to scream & shout

What’s the use of trying
With you, we always fail
We never make you happy
Your love for us is frail

Why do you treat us so
In silence, we find your answer
We’ll be fine without you
You’re nothing but cancer.


6 thoughts on “Always in the Way

  1. I’m lucky enough, my family are pretty good. As I found out at the weekend I’m not the only one who has a wonky top box either.
    The saying is true though, you can choose your friends but you can’t choose your family. If only you could x

  2. I’m with you on family. My brother lives around the corner from me. We haven’t spoken in years. His choice. I tried several times. It’s his loss. He missed out on so much not knowing my boys, his godsons. My closest cousin is mad at me now, too. She came to town (from a distant state) to attend her niece’s wedding, a girl I last saw ONE time when she was 2 years old. My cousin couldn’t understand why I didn’t want to be her “date” for this wedding. I would’ve only known two people there – my closest cousin who’s lived out of state for 32 years and her sister, my other cousin (the bride’s mother) who I was never close to and who has lived out of state for 35 years. I’m not a social person. It would’ve been awkward as hell so I politely declined. Now she’s mad. I hate family sometimes.

    • Most people don’t understand my loathing for family, but I am glad someone does. Dysfunctional does not always mean just strange. It can mean hateful and spiteful too and that is what most of mine are like. I’m sorry to hear that yours is much the same.

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