Absent Signs of Empathy

    A third, and in my opinion, much darker poem I penned while angry with the “family” I’ve been graced with. It will be the last in this series, I promise. 

    Take that boney finger of yours
    point it right back at yourself
    you sit there in judgement
    masking your own faults quite well

    Who the hell are you
    to question my integrity
    with all your false intentions
    and complete lack of sincerity

    You claim to be a Christian
    living by God’s grace
    quoting from the bible
    a fake smile on your face

    you’re a bigger sinner
    than I could ever be
    playing off both sides
    absent signs of empathy

    your heart is full of hate
    ice water in your veins
    peering down your nose
    at all of us in disdain

    you seem to think you’re special
    I’m here to say you’re not
    as far as we’re concerned
    you can sit there and rot

    We once called you family
    won’t make that mistake again
    we’ll be at your funeral
    fighting back our grins

    for when you’re six feet under
    only then shall we be free
    tromping on your grave
    shouting out our glee.


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