Keep it in Your Pants

A funny little rhyme piece I wrote after a series of unfortunate encounters on an app known as Whisper, that I was trying out. Needless to say that app was deleted post haste. Do men really think that is all it takes to woo a woman? Or that in all honesty, we really want to see that shit? Ick. 🤢

 A post left on whisper
A few too many pics
several odd little men
thinking I want to see their dicks

Aghast am I
totally caught off guard
eyes desiring beauty
not penises semi-hard

you should heed a little advice
no one really wants to see it
keep it in your pants
ya dumb lil’ shit



4 thoughts on “Keep it in Your Pants

  1. Lol I don’t think that’s reserved or just Whisper. I’d had a dick pic from a guy of the Xbox. I mean come on, did he think that when he sent it I was going to fall in love with it. Self praise is no recommendation lol

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