Change Our Weighs

Up and down
body still round

This pill and that
still feeling fat

Society’s view
just won’t do..

In one of my previous posts, I mentioned the word weight. Touchy subject for most women. Especially those of us that carry a little… or a lot… extra of it. When it comes to the number of people ready to point fingers and shame those who have gained too much, it is endless. It’s easy to be critical of someone. Why can’t we just lose weight? Why can’t we take better care of ourselves? Why don’t we just stop eating so much? Those are all valid questions and under circumstances where there are no medical reasons why a person gained weight, certainly reasonable to wonder about us. The problem is that looping us all in under the same stereotype, assuming that we all just binge eat, shoving bags full of this or that down our throat is not only wrong, it’s cruel. b63c993592ca3dd5f4a052acdc438f18--fitness-humor-fitness-motivation

Not once in my life have I ever been guilty of eating an entire bag of anything. I’d be throwing up if I ever even tried. In fact, I can honestly say I have seen super thin people who eat way more than I ever could. Do I have bad eating habits? Yes, of course, I do. I cannot stand vegetables and have never liked them even when I was a kid. I only like a few of the fruits; oranges, apples, and bananas. All other fruits, I avoid. I absolutely love cheeseburgers, though I’d be okay with skipping the fries, and sometimes even the bun. I like pizza, and some kinds of pasta, though I always go light on the sauce. Steak is my all time favorite meat, with chicken a close second. I’m guilty of eating the chicken skin. That’s where all the flavor lands! Oh and let’s not forget the bacon! I adore bacon. But even with all these not so great meal choices, I still have never overdone it like some have. One cheeseburger is plenty for me. If I tried eating two, I’d be sick. Two slices of pizza are my max.

Have I tried dieting? Of course, I have! I have, at one time or another, been on every popular diet out there. Some work briefly, others not much at all. The one thing they do all have in common though? They are not affordable for people who live paycheck to paycheck.

The world complains about obesity rates but never stops to think that perhaps they are the very cause! When someone has to live counting every dime, they soon learn that junk food is cheaper. No lie. That is a straight up fact. You can take $100 dollars into a grocery store and come out with more actual food if you buy cans of ravioli or stews/soups etc, which are all considered processed foods and full of fats, carbs and sodium, than you can if you head for the fresh vegetables, fruits and meat department. Leaner cuts of meat are way more expensive than fatty cuts. It’s ridiculous and should be a crime.

While watching Television, I never fail to see some commercial for an actress who’s lost a bunch of weight on Jenny Craig or Nutrisystem. The food is probably awful but I’ve always wanted to try it. I can’t. Why not? Because like all other healthy food, it’s too damn expensive. I counted it once. To join their program with food included, which let’s face it, in order to do any good, it would have to be; it runs around the $4,000 mark for a year. One damn year?! That’s absurd! Only million dollar actresses or people being sponsored by them can afford that mess!

So the fat keeps getting fatter and the rich get richer, and people stare at you like you’re disgusting for not weighing what the world says you should weigh, all because we’d rather point and place blame than come up with real help and solutions. If we as a society don’t change our weighs ways, we are all doomed and could face a future where we all become obese. crying-diet

In the meantime, anyone from Jenny Craig or Nutrisystem want to sponsor an overweight lady for a year for free advertising?

I didn’t think so…



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