Overdue For a Break

I can say with all honesty, thank God this week is finally over. It’s been hellacious. Is that even a real word? I truly don’t know at this point and I am too tired to bother Googling it. It’s all a blur of homework, and my first in-class college session, which was both humiliating and exciting at the same time. I’m taking six classes this semester, which back in high school was the norm for everyone and we all did it without batting an eye. Now, even the young college kids say “wow!” when I tell them I am taking 18 credits this fall as though I am attempting a feat unheard of. 70d7be881a8a0497565def817b878bc2

One of the classes I am taking is Excel, which I have never had much use for, but is required for my degree. Unfortunately, it is also part of the business class I am taking so that means double the homework doing the same activity, and believe me when I tell you I have never, ever had so much work required for one subject. There was quite literally 50 pages of activities I had to do for just one homework assignment that equaled only 10 fricking points at the end. You’re probably thinking I am exaggerating but I am not. TEN POINTS. That was it. I spent over 5 hours on that one assignment. No wonder some never make it through college. After doing just one of those I was frustrated enough to start second guessing why the hell I had to have that class, to begin with. I’m not going to be an accountant or a bookkeeper.

I just found out that for the first time since starting this degree, one of my tests is to be proctored at the actual college. I’m not sure I have what it takes to pass something like that. All these other online tests are pretty lenient when it comes to notes and allowing open book tests. That means I am going to have to memorize everything I learn in this class, and let’s face it, my brain isn’t equipped to do that any longer. I barely remember why I walked into my kitchen when five minutes have passed, and I am lucky if I finally re-remember it by later that night, if at all. I’m screwed without all the pleasure. screwed

In between all the school work, I, much like every other Montanian, am still dealing with all the forest fires nearby and the now hazardous levels of smoke that fills the air we breathe in town. It’s reached an extremely unhealthy level and when I am not constantly coughing, my chest is burning, or I am battling a headache. The smell is almost unbearable as well. I used to love the wood smoke smell in the winters coming from fireplaces, but right now I could very much never smell it again and be perfectly okay with that.

I’m smart enough to know sitting here as I type this, that even though I have had a miserable week, there is plenty of people out there in this great big world of ours that have had it much, much worse than I. Fires burning in most of the western states, and not one, but two hurricanes blowing their way in to cause yet more destruction and wreak havoc in people lives. When does it end? When do we as a society catch a break? Probably never.

Human beings. None of us get out alive.



7 thoughts on “Overdue For a Break

  1. I remembered the first time I had to take a proctored exam on campus. I was petrified. They had me lock everything I brought with me in a locker which made it all so rigid…all I could think of was, “I’m too old for this”. Best of luck with your studies. I am enjoying being an older student on campus.

    • Thankfully this exam will not be until this coming December, so I have plenty more months I can fret over it lol. It did mention locking up all belongings I might bring with me, which certainly gave me a wth jolt as I read it. I’ve never done very well with tests like this even before when I was younger, so I can only imagine how awful this one is going to be. 😐 What are you studying?

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