In It For The Kills

I am a self-proclaimed horror movie buff. It is rare when you can name a horror movie that I have not watched at one time or another. Blood and gore do not affect me the way they have a tendency to affect others who watch the genre. I do not turn away, or make mad dashes to use the restroom when the blood and guts start to fly around the room. I laugh with glee and reach for the popcorn.

The problem with having watched so many is that I think I have desensitized myself to being scared at all. By any of them…. and damnit… I want to be well and truly scared!0db12bb4cdbfae3372aa2f85d76538ac--scary-movies-horror-movies

With that being said, I do have my favorites that I will watch again and again because I view them as the best attempt at being scary on the market. Some titles I enjoy are; The Insidious and Conjuring series. The two Annabelle flicks, The Possession, Some of the Paranormal Activities. I say some because a few of them are just ridiculous and more comical to watch than anything. The Poltergeist remake was alright too. I am very much looking forward to the creepy nun spin-off movie and The Crooked Man spin-off as well from the Conjuring flicks.

The most recent scary movie I watched was the remake of Stephen King’s It. Before I get into what I thought of it, I would like to say that I have also watched the original It movie from 1990. Though I never found the original to be scary at all, I did consider it a classic and went into the remake with my eyes wide open, expecting to be somewhat disappointed at anything they may have changed or screwed up. I was pleasantly surprised. With today’s technological advances in cinematography and CGI, the clown was much scarier than the original. Then again, that Bill Skarsgård kid has a creepy ass face even without the clown get-up. Seriously! His face just screams serial killer to me. f29b0d2764969adfcd2239f4b99b7523--scary-movies-horror-movies

The movie was fun to watch, and I even jumped a little in my seat a time or two. That is a rarity for me, as nothing usually makes me jump movie-wise. I’m glad they decided to split the story into two parts too. I always felt it was a little rushed in the first one, despite the fact the movie was super duper long. With this movie, I was able to get a feel for the kid’s side of things before they morph into adults and have to battle the creature clown again. In my opinion, this movie was a horror film worth watching for anyone who enjoys the genre as much as me. 

Having said that, I would also like to bring up a disturbing part of the book/film, that I was never aware of when watching the first film, in 1990. I had never read the book as so many others had and was unaware that there was a very controversial scene from the book that had been left out. Nor, was I aware that apparently, this same scene was to be left out of the remake. Needless to say, I stumbled upon an article about it, and about how so many people were up in arms about the scene being removed, and to be honest, all I could say to myself was, “Are you fucking kidding me?!” Sorry for the language, but I had to be real here.

Who in their right mind would want that scene included in any damn movie? Hell, for that matter, why did no one complain that Stephen King had ever written such a thing, to begin with?! For those of you, who may not know what I am referring to, and I apologize if this spoils any of the book/movies for you… but in his book, Stephen King included a sex orgy scene. Under normal circumstances one might think, so what? But this orgy was between the 11-year-old main characters. At one point they get lost and disheartened, and the only way the female of the group can think to bring them back around is to have sex with all of the boys, in front of each other, and them all being nothing but frickin’ children! I swear I vomited into my mouth when I read the article. We punish men for even imagining children of that age in any sexual situations, and brand them as pedophiles, yet this scene so blatantly described in a book is okay, and not only okay, but highly requested to be included in the movie release?629456_v1

I for one am deeply ashamed to be a part of a society that would want to see that sort of thing in any movie. Horror genre or not. It doesn’t make me dislike the movie, nor the original either, but my opinion of the author went way down to be sure. It is doubtful I will ever pick up one of his books to read.

Have we as a society become so accustomed to the horrors of the world that they have now become okay? A norm if you will? Something to just be ignored and overlooked as though not seen? I hope not. I’d like to think we are all better than that.

What are your thoughts?


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