I got to thinking that I should probably have a page to display my awards on, in the event I continue to receive such wonderful praise from my fellow bloggers. I wouldn’t want them to dominate my main page, so I figured they should have one all their own. ๐Ÿ™‚ I will update here accordingly if the need arises to add more. I want to give a warm and deeply appreciated thank you to all who have nominated me, and who enjoy my musings and poetry.

Versatile Blogger award
Nominated by Ashley Cameron AND by Comfortable Numb Also by Heron There & Everywhere

Very Inspiring Blogger Award
Nominated by Peter Dawes AND by Ky Grabowski AND by Melonie’s Poetic Life AND by Ish Ism

The Liebster Blog Award 2013
Nominated by theloneshewolf AND by
Peter Dawes ALSO by Marie over at 1writeway

Dragon Loyalty Award
Nominated by Helen Valentina.

Hope Unites Globally โ€“ HUG Award
Nominated by Roxi St Clair.

WordPress Family Award
Nominated by Ish Ism AND by Twisted Muses ALSO by GG’s World

Best Moment Award
Nominated by Donna @ Heron There & Everywhere.

These various awards ALL by Heron There & Everywhere

Shine On Award

Semper Fidelis Award

Most Creative Blogger Award

Reader Appreciation Award


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