In It For The Kills

I am a self-proclaimed horror movie buff. It is rare when you can name a horror movie that I have not watched at one time or another. Blood and gore do not affect me the way they have a tendency to affect others who watch the genre. I do not turn away, or make mad dashes to use the restroom when the blood and guts start to fly around the room. I laugh with glee and reach for the popcorn.

The problem with having watched so many is that I think I have desensitized myself to being scared at all. By any of them…. and damnit… I want to be well and truly scared!0db12bb4cdbfae3372aa2f85d76538ac--scary-movies-horror-movies

With that being said, I do have my favorites that I will watch again and again because I view them as the best attempt at being scary on the market. Some titles I enjoy are; The Insidious and Conjuring series. The two Annabelle flicks, The Possession, Some of the Paranormal Activities. I say some because a few of them are just ridiculous and more comical to watch than anything. The Poltergeist remake was alright too. I am very much looking forward to the creepy nun spin-off movie and The Crooked Man spin-off as well from the Conjuring flicks.

The most recent scary movie I watched was the remake of Stephen King’s It. Before I get into what I thought of it, I would like to say that I have also watched the original It movie from 1990. Though I never found the original to be scary at all, I did consider it a classic and went into the remake with my eyes wide open, expecting to be somewhat disappointed at anything they may have changed or screwed up. I was pleasantly surprised. With today’s technological advances in cinematography and CGI, the clown was much scarier than the original. Then again, that Bill SkarsgĂ„rd kid has a creepy ass face even without the clown get-up. Seriously! His face just screams serial killer to me. f29b0d2764969adfcd2239f4b99b7523--scary-movies-horror-movies

The movie was fun to watch, and I even jumped a little in my seat a time or two. That is a rarity for me, as nothing usually makes me jump movie-wise. I’m glad they decided to split the story into two parts too. I always felt it was a little rushed in the first one, despite the fact the movie was super duper long. With this movie, I was able to get a feel for the kid’s side of things before they morph into adults and have to battle the creature clown again. In my opinion, this movie was a horror film worth watching for anyone who enjoys the genre as much as me.  Continue reading


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